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Next Level Virtual Meetings

V-Labs creates virtual-meeting enhancement tools to help companies and remote teams bridge the gap between the virtual and the physical world.

Virtual meetings are here to stay

Virtual meetings are the biggest thing to come out of 2020, reshaping the way we interact and communicate.

But while this technology will stay in our lives well into the future, it still feels like looking at a screen on a computer.


Our Approach

Built for you

We create products for real people. If something doesn't matter to you, it doesn't matter to us.

Product before promises

Instead of talking about what may be possible, we let you experience it yourself.

Process built for progress

Every project presents its goals and opportunities. Our process helps us constantly learn and improve. 


Pizazz - Slides as virtual background


Product of the Day


Presentations made


Seconds to create

Embedded virtual presentations to engage viewers and capture attention, in three simple steps.

Virtual Office - Virtual backgrounds for video meetings

April, 2020

Product Hunt launch


Virtual offices generated


Countries served

Branded virtual backgrounds for all of your video meetings and calls.


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